Welcome to Neuropsychological Services of Westchester, conveniently located in White Plains, New York.  We specialize in working with individuals, and their families, who have sustained Traumatic Brain Injuries and Sports Related Concussions and with individuals who have Learning Disabilities.  Here, our professionals know and understand that in life many times we choose our challenges, but when the challenges choose us, unexpected difficulties may arise in our lives.  We understand that the process of living with a traumatic brain injury or struggling with a learning disability is no easy endeavor, but with help and assistance individuals can recapture their lives. We simply come beside you, your family and friends, to assist you in setting and achieving realistic goals.   We look forward to building a relationship that works.  

Our mission is simple:  to help our clients accomplish their goals in a compassionate and efficient way.  At Neuropsychological Services  of Westchester, we have a small, cohesive group of professionals and staff who are dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs and to helping them and their families through the difficult seasons of their lives.  We strive to educate our patients in a safe environment, while offering them the necessary and comprehensive care they need.  We understand that many people have anxiety about treatment so we have created a soothing and comfortable environment.  We have streamlined our scheduling process to avoid long waits.  By combining the latest technology with traditional techniques, we give our clients the best possible care.