·       How long does it take to get an appointment?

When a person calls they are immediately given a time to have a phone consult free of charge to help determine whether NSW is the correct clinic for you or your loved one to seek services.  After this conversation, if you desire the recommended service you are scheduled for an intake appointment.


·       Does NSW accept your insurance?

Providers at NSW participate in Medicare, No Fault, and Workers Compensation.  We do not accept private insurance but will do our best to work with you and your insurance carrier to provide you with the proper paperwork needed to be reimbursed.  Also, if you need pre-authorization for treatment or an evaluation we will fill out the appropriate forms that are required by your insurance agency.


·       Does everyone who comes to NSW undergo a Neuropsychological Evaluation?

Not everyone who comes to NSW undergoes a Neuropsychological Evaluation but for many this is where the answers to your questions begin.  We believe that the evaluation provides us with the road map to best help you or a loved one throughout this journey. 


·       How young does NSW start treating people?

We start working with people as young as 6 and work throughout the lifespan.  The oldest individual we have evaluated is 92 and going strong.  The brain is never to old to adapt with guidance!


·       Do the doctor’s at NSW coordinate care with other doctors?

We try very hard to coordinate not only your care among the Neuropsychologists in the office in the different treatment modalities but also with care givers outside our office.  If you ask us to speak to a doctor, we will set up a time for us to speak to them and will provide them the information you desire for us to share with them.


·       Does NSW refer out for other types of treatment that is not covered under the umbrella of NSW?

We pride ourselves in knowing other professionals within the community who can provide care that is not provided at NSW.